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"Gazal sahii Dhang se gaa_ii jaaye to us kaa nashaa sar cha.Dh ke bolataa hai" - Begum Akhtar

Welcome to Anjuman-e-Mausiqui! This web site is my tribute to ghazal singers from India and Pakistan whose renditions have provided me with hours of listening pleasure. I hope you enjoy browsing through it.

Here you will find discographies of ghazal singers - album and track listings and complete lyrics. Biographical sketches of some ghazal singers are also available. Each singer has an individual index page which can be accessed from the Index of Singers page. The Index of Songs provides an alphabetical listing of all songs from all albums by all singers featured on this web site while the Index of Albums will allow you to browse through an alphabetical listing of all albums.

This is an ongoing process and more albums and ghazal singers will be added as time goes on. You can help by providing album information, track listings and ghazal lyrics. You can use the feedback form or e-mail me at

Please understand that this is NOT an audio site. There are no audio files here, though you will find links to sites where you can hear the ghazals and nazms in RealAudio or MP3 format.

Maintained by Nita Awatramani
Last updated on: 20th June, 2001