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The Ghazal King and his Queen - undoubtedly one of the most well known ghazal duos in the world today. Jagjit Singh is one of the foremost ghazal singers and Chitra Singh had been a perfect foil for him till the cruel hands of fate snatched away their teenage son Vivek. Jagjit Singh rose above his grief by immersing himself into music while Chitra Singh retired into seclusion after a memorial album titled 'Someone Somewhere'.

Ghazal Albums

Adaa (1993)
An Evening with Jagjit and Chitra Singh
Aye Mere Dil
Best of Jagjit and Chitra Singh
Same as "An Enchanting Hour with Jagjit and Chitra Singh"
Beyond Time (1987)
Chirag - Also known as Live in Trinidad (1993)
Come Alive in Concert
Cry for Cry (1995)
Desires (1994)
Echoes (1985)
Ecstasies (1994)
Emotions Same as The Gold Disc
Encore (1993)
Eternity (1997)
Face to Face (1993)
Geets and Ghazals from Films (1989)
Gold Disc, The
Hope (1991)
In Harmony
In Search (1992)
Insight (1994)
Jaam Uthaa (1996)
Kahkashan (1991)
Latest, The (1982)
Live at Royal Albert Hall (1983)
Live in Concert at Wembley (1981)
Live in Concerts (1987)
Live in Pakistan
Live with Jagjit Singh (1993)
Love is Blind (1997)
Magic Moments with Jagjit & Chitra Singh
Main Aur Meri Tanhayee (1981)
Marasim (1999)
Memorable Gazals of Jagjit and Chitra (1990)
Milestone, A (1980)
Mirage (1995)
Mirza Ghalib (1988)
Passions - Also known as "Black Magic" (1987)
Playback Years, The (1998)
Rare Gems (1992)
Rishton Men Daraar Aayee
Saher (2000)
Sajda (1991)
Selections from Films
Silsilay (1998)
Someone Somewhere (1990)
Sound Affair, A (1985)
Together (1999)
Unforgettables, The (1976)
Unforgettable Hits of Jagjit and Chitra, The (1987)
Unique (1996)
Visions (1992)
Your Choice

Punjabi Albums

Birha Da Sultan - Ghazals by Shiv Kumar Batalvi ((1995)
Ichhabal (Modern Punjabi Poetry)
Ishq di Mala (with Asha Bhonsle)
Jagjit Singh - Punjabi hits (1991
Man Jeetai Jagjeet (Gurbani)
Satnam Wahe Guru Ehee Naam Hai Adhara
The Greatest Punjabi Hits of Jagjit and Chitra Singh

Devotional Albums

Hare Krishna - Live Concert
Hey Gobind Hey Gopal
He Ram... He Ram.. Ram Dhun
Krishna Bhajans

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